Do you have questions about how to sell your vacant land?

Great! Here are answers to common questions.

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Q:  How fast can you close on a property?
A:  In many cases we can close in just a few days. Let us know what your situation is and we will do whatever we can to accommodate.

Q:  What kind of land do you buy?
A:  We buy vacant land and lots of all types for investment purposes. We buy timber land, farm land, commercial property, recreational land, mountain property, beach property, etc.

Q:  Where do you buy property?
A: We are focused on buying land and lots in the entire United States!

Q:  I own land that has taxes unpaid, will you still buy it?
A: In most cases this is not a problem. As part of our offer, we can take care of those unpaid taxes for you at closing.

Q:  Are there any other costs to selling my land?
A: Yes, but we can cover all of them! You will not have any out of pocket expenses when working with us. Some of the typical fees we can cover include attorney fees, recording fees, title fees, transfer fees, and notary fees.

Q:  How do I know I will get paid for my land?
A: As part of the closing process and part of our written agreement, we will wire funds to a third party escrow agent (usually an attorney) who will hold them until you have signed the closing paperwork. After the closing paperwork is received, you will receive your proceeds via a check, or wire transfer, its up to you!

Q:  What happens during the Closing part of the process exactly?

  • Our closing attorney will contact you with seller Information request– which is normally list of all spousal information and/or heir information (legal names, address, contact and email)
  • The closing attorney will do title search to confirm clean title is available. If title work is needed in order to get clean and insurable, the closing attorney will suggest the next steps to accomplish that and help where appropriate.
  • The buyer will deliver funds to closing attorney who holds them in their trust account.
  • The closing attorney will mail-away closing document package(s) to all individuals needing to sign the deed, lien waiver and closing statement. (Original notarized signatures are required.)

Once the closing attorney receives all of those original documents back, the deed will be recorded, the transaction closed and funds released to seller- normally by wire or trust account check.

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